“Who Do U Love?” is the 2nd English language single by MONSTA X in collaboration with French Montana. Marianas Trench : Who Do You Love paroles et traduction de la chanson The song was released as the lead single from the first English language album, All About Luv. The original is called “Do you love me?”, and was written and sung by the family band, “Bendaly Family”, released in 1978. Berry Gordy wrote "Do You Love Me" with the intention that The Temptations, who had no Top 40 hits to their name yet, would record it.

Do you love me Do you love me Do you love me Now that I can dance? It was the Gospel of John, where the Lord asked Peter: «Simon, do you love me ?». However, when Gordy wanted to locate the group and record the song, they were nowhere to be found (the Temptations had not been made aware of Gordy's intentions and had departed Motown's Hitsville USA recording studio for a local Detroit gospel music showcase). This song is a remake of an old Lebanese song.

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