Twitter is a place to share ideas and information, connect with your communities, and see the world around you. Show countdown in seconds on Timeline and List page.

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and receive short messages called 'tweets'. Find, filter and sort tweets by engagement, influence, location, sentiment and more ... No 7 day search or 3,200 timeline limits; Premium Reports ... .com. About the header image. Health Science Home & Garden Auto Tech Culture Money Lifestyle Entertainment Adventure Animals Reviews Quizzes Podcasts.

Image file size: Max 15mb on and 3mb on Embedded timeline widgets give you the ability to embed a collection of Tweets (known as a timeline) on your own website.There are five types of embedded timelines available, all of which look and feel like timelines on

Read instructions for adjusting your Notifications timeline.

Profile: Display public Tweets from any account on Twitter.

Embedded timeline widgets give you the ability to embed a collection of Tweets (known as a timeline) on your own website.There are five types of embedded timelines available, all of which look and feel like timelines on The response is an array of “trend” objects that encode the name of the trending topic, the query parameter that can be used to search for the topic on Twitter Search, and the Twitter Search URL.

To cure Twitter addiction and make the world better. The following are some of the limits and restrictions: ... Get home timeline: This operation gets the most recent tweets and re-tweets posted by me and my followers.

Profile picture, header, tweets, moments, ads – here's what's working now! To view things in chronological order on Twitter, click your profile pic then choose Settings and privacy . ... LIMITS. Post-Rock / Counter-Gaze.

Delete useful twitter apps and put Limit Twitter in your browser to make it inconvenient! Melbourne, Victoria By starbearer on 20 Feb 2011 at 09:42 UTC. We are always working on improving the Twitter experience, including Home timeline, conversations, and search. Twitter app.

Tweets: 2,400 per day.

parody of G-Dragon Aspect ratio: 16:9. Follow @socialbearing for updates. Why is my Twitter feed suddenly out of chronological order? Second item. Twitter image sizes: Photo sizes. Maximum file size of 5MB for photos and 3MB for animated GIFs. TwitterはAPIを太っ腹に公開してくれているので、機能的にはほぼ公式クライアントと同じことが出来る。ただしリクエスト回数に制限がある。とくにHome Timelineは 15分に15回まで とやたら厳しいので、数秒ごとにタイムラインを更新することは出来ない。

This information is cached for 5 minutes. Learn more about how we surface content that is most relevant to people. The twitter module displays only your tweets or feeds on the page,not your timeline as it appears on twitter?

Connect to Twitter to manage your tweets. Analytics for Twitter accounts and handles. x = twitter. Is there a module which can do that.

Not interested in this When you mark a Tweet as Not interested in this, it helps Twitter better understand the types of Tweets that you'd like to see less of in your Home timeline. However, moderate use is necessary to spit out thoughts in the head and to collect information. The daily update limit is … I have descriptions turned on, but Twitter says that they are only accessible with screen readers. by Shanna Freeman. Got the right Twitter image size? Legal issues. You may do this on any public account or on a private account of which you are an authorised follower. For tweeted images: Image width/height: Minimum 600 X 335 pixels, although larger images (for example 1200 X 675) will be better optimized for when users click to expand images.

; Likes: Show all Tweets a specific account has marked as likes. Q.

A. Plus all you need to know about Twitter images: file size, file type, editing, stickers, tagging, animated GIFs & more! Profile: Display public Tweets from any account on Twitter. File types: PNG, JPEG, or GIF are recommended. ... How to Manage Your Twitter Feed. Display twitter home timeline. Created by @tomwebdev. ; Likes: Show all Tweets a specific account has marked as likes.

In order to protect the very best parts of that experience, we provide tools designed to help you control what you see and what others can see about you, so that you can express yourself on Twitter …

statuses. Tap the stars icon in the top corner. Select See latest tweets instead. Current Twitter limits. Timeline can handle dates literally to the beginning of time. For the sake of reliability, we've placed some limits on the account actions below.

This makes sense, in a way: anything you Retweet is instantly pushed to your followers, and Twitter doesn’t make it clear at all what happens when you Like a tweet.

But your Likes are not private. While we test ways to limit or remove abuse on Twitter, certain Tweets may be limited in reach. The latest Tweets from G-Dragon [limit] (@xxx1b9drgn). Twitter originally hit on the 140-character limit as a nod to the character limits placed on early text messages, when it was founded in 2007.

For dates more than about 250,000 years ago, only the year is usable. Note: To reverse this, hit the stars … Ideal for quitting Twitter.

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